The AJ Water Team

Our staff are highly trained and nationally accredited offering years of experience in the water, sewer and the stormwater industry.

The majority of staff have previously worked within councils, water authorities and the telecommunication industry and have a significant knowledge of Tasmania’s underground infrastructure.

Contractor Licence Number: 1301894

Jeremy Curtis
Jeremy CurtisManaging Director
Alicia Curtis
Alicia CurtisManaging Director
Cory Robson
Cory RobsonGeneral Manager
Roydon Peters
Roydon PetersPlumbing/Project Manager
Scott Richardson
Scott RichardsonOperations Manager
Ellie Fielding
Ellie FieldingAdministration Officer
Justin Barnett
Justin BarnettUnderground Pipe & Cable Locator
Chris Whitford
Chris WhitfordUnderground Pipe & Cable Locator
Scott Hawkins
Scott HawkinsUnderground Pipe & Cable Locator
Jake Cairns
Jake CairnsUnderground Pipe & Cable Locator
Scott Curtis
Scott CurtisUnderground Pipe & Cable Locator
Sam Curtis
Sam CurtisPlumber
Aiden Hume
Aiden HumePlumber
Adam Richards
Adam RichardsApprentice Plumber
Lachlan Robson
Lachlan RobsonApprentice Plumber
Shane Butterworth
Shane ButterworthSkilled Operator
Ethan Slater
Ethan SlaterSkilled Operator
Brad Butwell
Brad ButwellTraffic Management
Sam Kempnich
Sam KempnichSkilled Operator
Tiran Wickramasooriya
Tiran WickramasooriyaSkilled Operator
Jake Kennett
Jake KennettSkilled Operator
Josh Hamilton
Josh HamiltonSkilled Operator
Toby Wright
Toby WrightMechanic/Skilled Operator
Chris Jeffree
Chris JeffreePlumber