CCTV Pipe Inspections & Surveys Services in Tasmania

AJ Water have a wide range of CCTV pipe inspection cameras.

Ranging from our smaller push units to our fully equipped main line CCTV vans. These are designed to operate in pipes ranging in diameter from 90mm to 1800mm. We are able to camera your sewer and stormwater lines to carry out pipe surveys for asset information and provide a condition rating, locate connections and pits, locate breaks, tree roots or anything else that could be blocking drains.

Our camera units are fitted with a Sonde on the back of the camera that enables us to locate the camera head above ground, which can pinpoint the location. This information can assist in locating alignment, depth, buried pits and manholes, blockages and breaks. We can also supply you with a formatted USB of the pipe surveyed. AJ Water are Wincan VX compliant and our staff are all well trained and accredited.

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