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Water & leak detection specialists


Ground Penetrating Radar

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AJ Water & Leak Detection are proud to offer the services of our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), a first for the state.  With our LMX 100 GPR unit we are able to locate all of those services that can't be located via conventional locating.  Examples of detectable services using Ground Penetrating Radar technology include:

PVC and Poly Water Pipes

Underground Tanks

Empty Ducts


Buried Concrete Slabs

Underground voids or disturbances and Underground Utilities (non metallic services)

This versatile Ground Penetrating Radar unit can be used on its own to meet customer needs or in conjunction with our conventional locating devices or CCTV camera.  With our Ground Penetrating Radar unit we are also able to scan concrete slabs and hard stand areas to identify where underground services may be.


Pipe & cable locating service

locate.jpgAJ Water & Leak Detection has over 10 years experience in pipe and cable locating. No matter how small or how big your project is we can help. Pipe and cables can be broken through using machinery or even using a shovel. Such breakages of pipes and cables can end up costing you a lot of money for repairs. For a minimal fee we can locate all services for you. Before conducting onsite cable locations we do all the work for you through gaining all relevant documentation and plans from Dial before you Dig (1100).

We service both commercial and residential customers as well as councils, civil contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and everyday householders.

The team at AJ Water & Leak Detection consists of 7 Telstra qualified Plant Locators and we are NULCA Accredited. Such infrastructure that can be located with the latest model locators are Telstra, Aurora, water, sewer, stormwater and gas.


CCTV pipe inspections

cctv.jpgAJ Water & Leak Detection has 2 x Solo Pro CCTV pipe inspection cameras. The Solo Pro cameras can operate in pipes from 90mm to 300mm. We are able to camera your sewer and stormwater lines to find breaks, tree roots or anything else that could be blocking drains. We can also carry out Pipe Surveys on new pipelines as well as existing.  The camera has a battery operated Sonde on the back of the camera head that enables us to locate the camera head above ground, which can pin point blockages and breaks hence saving time and money. We can also supply you with a formatted disc of the pipe surveyed.

Leak detection

mic.jpgGot a water leak? AJ Water & Leak Detection boast state of the art acoustic leak detection equipment. Leaking water pipes can be very costly especially when they leak over a long period of time. Not to mention the damage they can cause.  Quite often water leaks can be occurring with no visual signs at ground level. Our equipment is used to isolate water pipes and listen for any leakage. The initial step will in most cases give an indication of where a water leak may be and we then use highly sensitive ground microphones to search in the indicated area for the issue. The area of leak can, in most cases,  be narrowed down making repairs far more cost effective.

Pipe patching and repair

cctv2.jpgAJ Water & Leak Detection offers no dig internal pipe patching. The fibreglass pipe patching is very effective in hard to get to areas. As long as there is an inspection or manhole accessable, the pipe patching equipment can be put into position using a CCTV camera and the pipe will be repaired with no digging, no reinstating, saving time and considerable money. Pipes can be repaired from 90mm to 300mm in diameter.

Trailer Mounted Vacuum Unit


AJ Water & Leak Detection are proud to offer the service of a trailer mounted excavation unit. It has a spoil capacity if 1100 litres and a water capacity of 660 litres. We specialise in the safe location and exposure of services through hydrostatic excavation (high pressure water).

Along with hydro excavation (nondestructive digging) we also offer drain cleaning, pit and conduit cleaning, vacuum loading and confined space entry.

AJ Water & Leak Detection can provide a one stop shop, with the capabilities of underground pipe and cable locating, ground penetrating radar and CCTV.

Smoke and dye testing

Smoke testing is a method used to find Stormwater infiltration into the sewerage system. The test consists of blowing non hazardess smoke into the sewerage manholes and observing the points where the smoke exits. The smoke may exit from manholes, sewer vents on houses, down pipes or through the ground.

The smoke should not enter your house if it is properly plumbed as your toilet, sink and basin etc should have a water trap to prevent this.

Smoke testing is a simple and fast method of testing the sewer system. The vapour is harmless and will disappear after only a few minutes. The testing is also a cost effective way to find areas of the sewer system that need repairs or improvement.

Water flow testing

flow.jpgAJ Water & Leak Detection can carry out water flow testing on new infrastructure, new sub divisions or any developments where required. Using the latest equipment our tests are reliable and consistent, giving our water authorities, civil contractors, engineers and plumbers, quality testing and reporting.

Backflow Prevention

AJ Water & Leak Detection are qualified to install, test and maintain back flow prevention devices, in accordance with Australian Standards. Back flow prevention devices are designed to protect the potable water supply, so that if cross connection exists and a backflow incidence does occur any contamination is prevented.

AJ Water & Leak Detection carry out maintenance testing on these devices as per accordance with the Australian Standard 3500.